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Why Choose Covue?

IT support is not just technical. It's personal.

We truly value the relationships we build with our schools and their staff. Whether it’s talking in corridor or going that extra mile in an OFSTED inspection. We understand how schools operate and our teams integrate as much as possible to feel part of the school environment. We don’t want to be just another contractor in a school.

Our staff are not only experts in IT but in safeguarding too. Schools can be complex and challenging environments both technically and socially, which is why they all annually NSPCC certified.

Our support and services have organically grown from the needs of our schools. The continued development of these services has always been a holistic approach with our schools, with the input and feedback drive our continued success.

If you share the same visions and passions as we believe we are the perfect fit for your school.

Our Mission


Our mission is to provide high quality, secure and reliable IT infrastructures that are cost-effective and meet the requirements of our schools

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Our Vision


To enable schools to take advantage and embrace new technologies to deliver a better education for their students

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